z Sold Crosman® SNR357 (BB/ .177)
z Sold Crosman® SNR357 (BB/ .177)
Crosman® SNR357 (BB/ .177)

z Sold Crosman® SNR357 (BB/ .177)

RJT#6553 -


The best air pistol is the one you have with you, or so the saying goes. The new Crosman SNR357 ("SNR" = Snub Nose Revolver) has the heft and feel of a Saturday Night Special with none of the powder. Add dual ammo capabilities and realistic loading with the included reusable cartridges and the backyard becomes the ideal practice range.

  • Dual Ammo
  • Heavy weight, full metal body
  • Double or single action
  • 6-shot swing-out cylinder with reusable cartridges
  • Front fixed blade sight and adjustable rear sight
  • Silver trigger, hammer and cylinder release switch
  • Bump Up the Power, Bump Up the Fun

    Crosman was the first to design CO2 cartridges for BB guns, so that shooters could leverage both the power of pressurized CO2 and the ease of swapping out cartridges. We’ve since refined those early cartridges into what they are today: our 12g PowerletsTM. Air power is what defines the Crosman experience. This 25-count pack of 12g cartridges ensures that you have plenty of air power to keep the fun going no matter what type of air gun you’re using, or which activity you’re using it for!


    • 12g CO2 cartridges
    • 25-count package
    • Snug fit and solid seal to ensure reliable performance.

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