z Sold Small of the Back (SOB) Leather Holsters
z Sold Small of the Back (SOB) Leather Holsters
Small of the Back (SOB) Leather Holster

z Sold Small of the Back (SOB) Leather Holsters

RJT#6558 -


For 1903 Colt and The Baby Rock. The Shadow by Mernickle Holsters: This is a small of the back holster designed for maximum concealment. The trigger guard is fully covered, and the holster is hand molded to your specific gun to ensure a secure fit. Unlike a typical pancake holster our holsters have a separate face piece sewn on. You can tighten your belt as much as you want without changing the retention of the gun in the holster. This also allows for a quick and easy re-holster.


  • Small of the Back
  • Fully covered trigger guard
  • Easily conceal any size Semi Auto
  • Carry comfortably, even full-size handguns
  • Proudly made in the USA


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