Canoe Gun (Cut down fowler)
Canoe Gun (Cut down fowler)
Canoe Gun (Cut down fowler)

Canoe Gun (Cut down fowler)

RJT#6868 -


Many weapons used by Native Americans would have been present at most of the late 19th century's most well-known battles, including the Battle of Little Bighorn. This was a single shot 12ga. fowler and has since been sawed off to a 16 inch barrel. It has an overall length of 33 inches. The ramrod I can not get out.  Rather than break it I will leave it alone. The wood has a rawhide repaired crack above the lock mortise extending up the forearm and barrel. The stock has tacks in the shape of a, snake? on the right side and on the left tacks along the butt plate.   The lock, hammer, trigger guard, function as they should. This would have been a good horseback or canoe gun. It sure is interesting. Other items are included.

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