z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet "hearing aid"
z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet  "hearing aid"
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z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet "hearing aid"

RJT#6640 -


Antique Hearing Aid, Ear trumpet. This is an old tin ear trumpet from the Victorian Era. Trumpet measures approximately 18" long and is 5-1/2" across the mouth of horn. There are no dents with very little paint missing as seen in photos. The horn mouth is a sort of a round spoon shape to catch the sound. For a piece of hearing aid history over 150 years old, this one will display wonderfully. Early tinsmith-made. The antique hearing aid may seem primitive, but you will find it surprisingly effective. I happen to have significant hearing loss and it does almost as well as my high tech hearing aids. The two piece construction allowing for repositioning of the talk end as desired. Made by a tinsmith who added the device to his inventory of tin plates, cups, and boxes, sold by salesmen traveling house to house in rural America. Imagine selling this to a deaf man!! WHAT?? WHAT??? no I don't play NO trumpet!! eh say HOW! Speak up won't ya?? No we don't de-horn them cows. Now simmer down young feller, I kaint understand ye when ye shout SO!! Stop tryin to poke me in da ear @#$^&*)( carnsarnit.. Oh say!! ah kin hear dem doves a coo,n. Why this here is a right handy contraption.  I'll trade ye two cats fer it?


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