Texas Shoulder Holster for 3 to 4 in Barrels RJT#6642
Texas Shoulder Holster for 3 to 4 in Barrels RJT#6642
Texas Shoulder Holster for 3.5 in Barrel

Texas Shoulder Holster for 3 to 4 in Barrels RJT#6642

RJT#6642 -


Keeps revolver always safe and ready. Made of fine natural leather. Nicely embossed, with leather strap to hold holster on shoulder. These holsters are hand made from 6-7 oz leather, oiled to a rich tan. Sewn with linen thread. The boarder stamping on the pouch were chosen to closely approximate the original. This holster is made of lighter weight leather than most makers
use today, more like was use in the old days, that makes it lay close to the body and comfortable to wear all day. Please choose right or left hand draw.  This holster fits all the guns pictured here and most other large frame guns with 4 3/4", 5 1/2" too 6" barrels that includes the 1858 Remington 5 1/2" barrel. The S&W 6" as pictured. This holster is copied from an original antique Texas shoulder holster in the River Junction Collection, and as seen in the old Sear and Roebuck  or  Montgomery Ward catalogs. I did that because those old boys knew what they were doing.  The Huckleberry Rigs of today are strictly show biz. They are made too heavy, and they will not stay in place and can not be worn comfortably all day, as the Texas can. For Holsters with 7 1/2 & 8" barrels search  #4519. 
Most all of our holster designs are made from originals we have found. These holster are crafted for River Junction by our most talented leather-smith. Each piece is hand-made for us and cut in their shop from the hide.  The piece  is worked and tooled right on the crafter's bench and all are dyed, oiled and sewn by hand. It is the hand sewing that makes for the strongest stitch much superior to the machine stitch. All that at the most favorable price.
Have an Extra Small frame like a 1849 Colt Pocket? CLICK HERE for our Gambler's Ace in the Hole Shoulder Holster
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