z Sold Winchester 1892 38-40
z Sold Winchester 1892  38-40
Winchester 1892 38-40

z Sold Winchester 1892 38-40

RJT#6662 -


Back when I was a kid every movie and TV cowboy packed a REAL 1892 Winchester. This one is serial number 17426 manufactured in 1893. ( My Grandmother was 17 years old on the Dakota prairie when this 92 was brand new). This Winchester 1892 rifle is marked ".38 WCF " The receiver is silvery gray.  The octagon barrel shows mostly brown. The action is smooth.  Bore is black powder brown with prominent rifling throughout.  It always amazes me how those old boys could make a better shooter than reproduction imports of today. The original sights are still in place. The wood is all original. It has a repair on the left side of the tang, you will have to look hard to find it. Otherwise there are no chips or breaks but lots of dings that tell of hard days on the range. This would look good in old saddle scabbard, or hanging over the fireplace. This is The Gun that won the West on the Silver Screen.  Rifles like this were utility guns and they belong in every cowboy, lawmen, and outlaws, collection who needed the firepower of a repeating rifle without too much  size and weight.

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