Antique Handcuff Restraint "Iron Claw"
Antique Handcuff Restraint "Iron Claw"
Antique handcuff restaint "Iron Claw"

Antique Handcuff Restraint "Iron Claw"

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The Iron Claw was used as a way of controlling and restraining an arrested individual. The pincers were carried in the open position, then shut around the wrist of the an individual, a lawman would hold onto the Iron Claw’s handle for control. The pincers would be locked tight and if the suspect tried to resist the lawman applied a slight twist, the outlaw howling in pain and a broken wrist was the likely result. This design was popular for its ease of use. Attaching it to the wrist of a suspect was completed with a single fluid motion that results in the handle of this “come-along” already being in the hand of the officer.
Inventor Smith-Strange also mentions the Iron Claw, if necessary could be locked in the open position “as to permit the latter to be grasped safely by the hand of the user when employing the handle bar as a brass knuckle type weapon.” For more details use CLICK HERE

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