z Sold Whores Knife
z Sold Whores Knife
Whore's Knife

z Sold Whores Knife

RJT#6771 -


Antique Unbranded “Prostitutes Dagger” , Whores Knife - Genuine Sterling Handled - No Breaks or  Cracks - Brass Guard. Very Nice Overall Condition No Sheath - 7 3/8 inches overall - Approx. 4 1/4 inch “Blued” Blade with 50% original blue remaining. Rare and beautiful dagger circa 1860s to 1870s. This ornate blade was made in the mid to late 19th century in Sheffield. Owing to their smaller size and slim profile, this type of knife was easily concealed, and earned the nicknames, “Prostitute’s Dagger”. Ladies of the evening often wore them in a velvet sheath in their garters or other convenient places. The blade is in good condition with almost no corrosion. The point is sharper than a needle. This is a rare and interesting dagger it was often used like a push dagger (see pictures), not often encountered.

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