z Sold Original 19th century tortilla press.
z Sold Original 19th century tortilla press.
Original 19th century tortilla press.

z Sold Original 19th century tortilla press.

RJT#6831 -


A true antique Tortilla Press,  or prensa de tortilla, circa late 1800's.
This antique tortilla press is a rare find that dates back to the late 1800s. Made from fire hardened soft wood, it features sturdy iron brackets and hinges that contribute to its durability. The tortilla press was designed to effortlessly create tortillas, making it a reliable tool for traditional Mexican cuisine.
This particular tortilla press holds a special history, I discovered it 55 years ago near a deserted pueblo in the Santa Fe mountains. Believed to have been used for fireside cooking in the 19th century, the press showcases handcrafted construction with common hardware. It served as a testament to the authentic flavors of Mexican native foods, carrying the aromas and taste of homemade tortillas of the past.
While lacking in elegance, this tortilla press possesses a rustic charm and an undeniable aura of history and hard work. Its solid wood construction ensures its longevity, promising years of use for anyone who appreciates the art of homemade tortillas. With a size of 7.5 inches, it is ideal for producing consistently shaped and sized tortillas that are perfect for various Mexican dishes like enchiladas and tostadas.
Even though I have never used this tortilla press, I found joy in its presence, imagining the sights and sounds that must have surrounded it during its time of use. 

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