Express shotgun guards gun
Express shotgun guards gun
Express shotgun guards gun

Express shotgun guards gun

RJT#6857 -


Here is an antique 12ga. shotgun. Shortened guns such as these were used by guards in banks, prisons and any where there was a need to protect valuables and keep the peace. They were use to guard gold bullion on trains in the mid 1870s and other valuables on into the early 19th century in America, They were used by Wells Fargo, Adams  Express and American Express who kept them in the express cars on the railroads. Also they were in the baggage and mail cars. This one has a brass “SOUTHERN RIO GRAND & PACIFIC” tag that is attached to the right side of the stock. This gun was a very inexpensive shotgun and is very plain except for the tag and the Name “ SECO CREEK  No.4” stamped into the stock just above the brass tag. I have no idea what that means. This is a very rugged old shotgun with 18 inch barrels and is 34 inches overall. The stock has had a couple of chips repaired on either side of the tang. It shows handling ding and I believe the stock has been refinished. It would look right in place on a frontier stagecoach or on board an early steam train express car. I worked for the Illinois Central RR after High School in 1958 and saw the racks for these old shotgun in old mail cars.
For its age this gun is very well preserved and would provide a century of service yet. The bore is shiny bright within STEEL BARRELS and it locks up tight. .
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