z Sold Winchester M1873 .38-40 - 1888, 24” FULL OCTAGON
z Sold Winchester M1873 .38-40 - 1888, 24” FULL OCTAGON
Winchester M1873 .38-40 - 1888, 24” FULL OCTAGON

z Sold Winchester M1873 .38-40 - 1888, 24” FULL OCTAGON

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Winchester M1873 .38-40 - 1888, 24” FULL OCTAGONDescription:
General Specs: Winchester, Year 1888, .38-40, 8lbs. 9oz., LOP 12 7/8"
Serial Number: 251175B
The Winchester Model 1873, known as “The Gun That Won the West”, was produced from 1873 through 1919 with a total of 720,000 made.  The Model 1873 was the first lever rifle developed to fire a centerfire cartridge…the .44 WCF, or .44-40, which became immensely popular for hunting and protection throughout the west.  By 1879 the rifle was chambered in .38 W.C.F. (.38-40 cartridge).  One of the advantages to this caliber was the Colt peacemaker revolver could be had in the same caliber as the Model 1873 so a person could have bullets that would supply his rifle and revolver.  The 1873 had steel frame rather than the brass frame of the Model 1866, making it lighter and less expensive to build.  Search the internet and you will find many 1873 rifles for sale in one stage of condition or another with values between $500 and $50,000.  What sets one apart from the other is condition.  This rifle has a 24” barrel and retains all original parts. The receiver and lever finish is 80% blue while the barrel is grey silver.  The metal is generally smooth. The gun is in very good plus condition.  The bore show shiny bright strong rifling from muzzle to breech.  The wood is in excellent condition, fitting up to the action superbly with no chips, cracks or major dings, and there is no place where metal is proud to the wood. The action is tight and functions as it should.  The screws are all very good, near perfect, and there is still light case color showing in the lever and hammer.  THIS RIFLE IS READY TO SHOOT, THE RIFLING WILL SPIN A BULLET ACCURATELY DOWN RANGE, AND .38 W.C.F AMMUNITION IS READILY AVAILABLE.  She doesn’t have to be “for display only”!  Winchester Model 1873 rifles have continued to gain value, and the .38-40 cartridge in the 24” barrel was the most accurate of the big bore M1873 choices.  The real cherry on top is the original period to the gun is the tang sight and front sight combination. This is an investment quality firearm at a price that most enthusiasts can afford.  What a great addition to any collection

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