z Sold French musket, converted to trade gun.
z Sold French musket, converted to trade gun.
French musket, converted to trade gun

z Sold French musket, converted to trade gun.

RJT#6861 -


This started life as a French 1842 Line Musket, this firearm was later converted into a Single Barrel Percussion Shotgun for trade purposes once it became obsolete. This trade gun is actually in good serviceable condition, with a very sound stock, probably French walnut. 
The French markings are scattered here and there. The serial number was removed prior to shipping. 
This one has a 18 inch barrel and is 35 inches overall. The bore diameter is 76 caliber. Converted shotguns such as these were very often intended to be sold to the Native market, for hunting purposes. 
Today it is perfect for the re-enactor as an inexpensive canoe gun or civil war Confederate carbine. As a collectable it shows great patina, without spending an arm and a leg for a modern reproduction.

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