z Sold Original 1876 Colorado USA Flag
z Sold Original 1876 Colorado USA Flag
Original 1876 Colorado USA Flag - Click To Enlarge

z Sold Original 1876 Colorado USA Flag

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This flag is believed to be 148 years old. In any case it only flew over COLORADO for 13 years before the states of NORTH and SOUTH DAKOTA join the Union 1n 1889.
Rare 38 Star American Flag pole Flag! Truly Stunning.  Doesn’t get better than this one, this is perfect for a wall hanging and pictures don't do it justice.  A Rare 38 Star American Flag with a desirable display wall size of 35” x 58”, unusual 3 row of 7 stars and 2 rows of 6 stars equals 38 stars. A real out door used flag with lots of weathering, some fraying, patina and fading showing every minute of its history, but still ready to bring tears of pride to every REAL AMERICAN. This Flag is sewn together piece by piece and color by color of coarse linen. This 38 Star flag dates to 1876. Since our Nation was founded in 1776, COLORADO is call the CENTENIAL STATE. 
This flag features a 7 / 6 / 7 / 6 / 7  star pattern on the canton with the 38 five-pointed white stars positioned horizontally.  This positioning was not always common on early flags as Congress had yet to standardize the star placement. Condition:  Overall this flag is in good, display condition. The red stripes throughout are dark and well pronounced,  the white stripes have a grey soiling that says we are not afraid to get our hands dirty.  There is also small bits fabric loss along the edges. The price we pay to be free.  Personally, I think this is a terrific display item due to its rarity and as it shows it's wear and age.  It will attract attention and discussion wherever its displayed.  Unfortunately, pictures do not do this justice.  It is truly a stunning piece and very unusual with its aged colors due to its age and storage.  I have had this flag hanging in my office for 44 years.  It is a work of art.   See on this old flag

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