Old West Saloon Whiskey Shot Glass - Rosa's Cantina
Old West Saloon Whiskey Shot Glass - Rosa's Cantina
Rosa's Cantina El Paso Texas Brought to life in song, this Saloon was center stage for an epic gunfight over love, with a tragic ending

Old West Saloon Whiskey Shot Glass - Rosa's Cantina

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The art work on these glasses is not printed on, rather it is etched into the glass in the style of the rare and highly collectable glasses of 130 years ago and are hard to tell from the old collectable glasses of that by gone era. Each glass tells a story of the days of this young country on the frontier. 
Sold Individually so pick your favorite!

Rosa’s Cantina El Paso Texas
The song is a first-person narrative told by a cowboy in El Paso, Texas, in the days of the Wild West.
The cowboy frequented "Rosa's Cantina", where he became smitten with a young Mexican dancer named Felina.
When he notices another cowboy sharing a drink with "wicked Felina", out of jealousy he challenges the newcomer to a gunfight.
He kills the newcomer, then flees El Paso for fear of being hanged for murder or killed in revenge by his victim's friends.
In the act of escaping, the he commits the additional and potentially hanging offense of horse theft
("I caught a good one, it looked like it could run"), further sealing his fate in El Paso.
Departing the town, the singer hides out in the "badlands of New Mexico."
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