z Sold Miniature British Bulldog
z Sold Miniature British Bulldog
Miniature British Bulldog

z Sold Miniature British Bulldog

RJT#6924 -


Miniature British Bulldog. This little revolver is built like their namesake canine. With connections to gamblers, ladies of the evening and a presidential assassination. British Bulldogs may be the most collectible under collected guns on the market, especially this mini version. British Bulldogs are cute but with mean, bark with bite. British Bulldogs are beginning an upward trend on the firearms market. This particular example has Belgian proof marks so it was produced there in the 1880s. It has 100% nickel plated remaining, with a cylinder capacity of six .32 caliber centerfire cartridges, (The cartridge is properly call ".320 REVOLVER).  It is in operating condition with very good double action but single action is a little stiff.  These were manufactured 1872-1890. Barrel length 1-1/4”. It has rifling for close shooting. Checkered wood grips.  Fixed front sight. Loading is achieved via a gate on right side of frame. Very good condition overall.  Proof marks on the right side of the frame. Antique gun, manufactured before 1899. 
This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you. no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first. 
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