z Sold ~ Howell 1858 Remington Cartridge Converter - .45
z Sold ~ Howell 1858 Remington Cartridge Converter - .45
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z Sold ~ Howell 1858 Remington Cartridge Converter - .45

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Howell Old West Conversion For the 1858 Remington New Model Army .44 Revolver The strongest .45 caliber 5 shot conversion on the market today. It has straight bore throw chambers for the best accuracy. It is fast to install. You can be shooting in less than 2 minutes. No loading port to cut just load install and shoot. Based on the original Remington cartridge conversion design. Available in your choice of .45 Long Colt /.45 Schofield or .45 ACP. Designed with historical Reenactor in mind. This Drop In converter when installed in the .44 cal 58 Remington looks like a percussion cylinder. Allowing the battle field Reenactor or Mounted shooter to fire the safer and more convenient .45 cal blanks (as well as live rounds) while maintaining the look of a revolver commonly used during the 1860s

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