A Trip Back In Time With Old Fashion Clothing

Posted by Administrator on 7/27/2012 to History
When one puts on old fashion clothing and looks in the mirror, something magical happens. It is like being transported back in time to another era. It is a time of concerts

Old Fashion Clothing in the park and getting together to eat homemade ice cream and fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.  Things are much slower and the pace is less hectic. Yet, it can be difficult to obtain the right materials for this magic. Thankfully, there are specialty shops online that will provide just what you need.

Perhaps some of the most colorful and fanciful clothing comes from the Victorian era of the late 19th century.  Maybe you are putting on a local play or small town 1800s Christmas caroling and you need this kind of attire.  Maybe you are part of an historic site or history theme park and you need to dress the part to give your guests the feeling of being transported back to the Old West or Victorian times.  If you want something that is authentic, it is vital to find an online supplier that has men's and women's clothing from this time period. The right supplier will also have many accessory items that are almost impossible to find locally.

There are other reasons to consider clothes from a bygone era. It is an excellent way to take some time out from the 21st century and get a new perspective:

*    Communities with historical museums or a strong presence for historical preservation with a connection to the past work hard to educate townsfolk and tourists alike about how their community was built and by whom.  One way to do this is to encourage  your whole town to participate in its Heritage Days celebration by dressing the part, putting on an old-fashion ice cream social, and a band concert in the park.

*    Or once a month, you and your family may wish to turn off the electricity for an hour or so.  Shut down all the cell phones, computers, televisions, and radios.  Sit in the living room and read or talk to your significant other and re-connect one-on-one as was done in the bygone days of courting.  If you choose to enjoy a once-a-month time travel to the past, you may wish to make it more authentic with a few antiques and collectibles around you in the room.  It will not be too expensive to invest in some Victorian style oil lamps and perhaps a 19th century story book from which to read.  This will lend some authenticity to your special time.  In fact, you may wish to make your time travel episodes a weekly occurrence and communicate to your loved ones without any modern technology.

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