Antiqued and Defarbed 1875 Remington revolver.

Antiqued and Defarbed 1875 Remington revolver.

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Over the years some Old West reenactors and collectors have had their reproduction six-guns and rifles "defarbed" to make them look and feeling more like the antique originals revolvers they see around the collector shows. They know they will never be able to own one of the those great guns that cost $4000.00, 5000.00 and up !  Sometimes “defarbing” can make that ownership possible. At least they can own a very close representation of one, and it still remains a firearm they can shoot and display without endangering the value of a great old antique. At my age of 80 years I have made it my business to collect up many such guns and am now offering this one for someone who would like to own it at an affordable price. Details of this shooter are: Correct markings.
"E. REMINGTON & SONS . ILION. NEW YORK. U.S.A. " on the barrel, "45" on the left side of the frame denoting the CAL. .45. The serial number on the barrel, cylinder, frame, and grip frame. An excellent metal age and antique patina has been added on all metal parts. It has also been fitted with a really great set of hand made Elk Grips grips that have been aged to match the metal. What a really great gift and conversation starter this would make on any mantel piece or desk.

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