Bandana 27" square, 100% cotton
Bandana 27" square, 100% cotton
100% Cotton Bandanas are 27 in Square. Pictured here in Black with Red Paisley. - Click to Enlarge Image

Bandana 27" square, 100% cotton

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 Whether workin the Ranch or the Trail a Cowboy always had his trusty Wild Rag.
These great Bandanas are a nice 27" square, and made of 100% cotton with a rolled and stitched edge.
For our customers that like a little character to their bandanas, use the flip side, which has a nice used look and plenty of character.
The Cowboy had many uses for a bandana, below is a list of just a few.
  • A cowboy Band-Aid, possibly as a tourniquet or sling or set a splint
  • Protection from the sun
  • Protection against snow blindness
  • Earmuffs in cold weather
  • Keeping the dust off a cowboy’s neck  while rounding up cattle
  • Tied around the neck and pulled over the mouth and nose as a dust mask
  • As a water filter
  • A pot holder to move a hot pot from the coals at camp
  • A hot pad for holding a branding irons
  • To blindfold a horse if necessary
  • To make an emergency tie on his saddle cinch
  • As a strap or lace
  • To mend a rein or create a makeshift stirrup
  • Tied around a horse’s legs to hobble him while the cowboy fixed his equipment


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