Elaborate and elegant Victorian Hatpins
Elaborate and elegant Victorian Hatpins
Whimsical and beautiful, each of these Hat Pins is a replica of an original Victorian Era Pin. - Click to Enlarge Image

Elaborate and elegant Victorian Hatpins

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The Victorian Lady needed a way to keep her hat on and the Hatpin was born. Usually elaborately decorated, these pins were as much a Fashion statement as the hats they were holding in place. 
Now you can select a lovely Hatpin to add to the decor of your Victorian hats.

~Bee in my Bonnet: This little enameled friend of flowers keeps your millinery in place and in style or embellishes your dressing table.  Replica of a German Art Nouveau antique.  8" Long

~Blue Grey Cameo Pin: A beautiful Replica of an antique Hat Pin. This beauty is done in silver tone with a lovely blue/grey Cameo held up by a delightful floral base. 8" long.

~Ruby Spear: Century-old hat pins experience a renaissance when they are articulately cast, plated in antique finishes, and meticulously graced with hand-set crystals in a stained-glass palette. 8" long. Replicated from antiques.

~Pink Intaglio Cameo Pin: Beautifully etched Cameo in Pink crystal, encircled by Rhinestones. Pin is done in gold and antiqued.
Replica of an antique.  8" long.  14K gold-plated.

~Brown Faceted Gem Pin: Articulately cast, plated in an antique finish, and graced with hand-set Brown Faceted crystal in a stained-glass palette.  8" long.  Replicated from antiques.

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