Elk stag with bark on Grips for Smith and Wesson Frontier RJT#6660

Elk stag with bark on Grips for Smith and Wesson Frontier RJT#6660

RJT#6660 -
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Add some style and character to your Smith and Wesson Frontier with grips hand made from Mother Natures material 

Made to fit your Smith and Wesson Frontier, these grips are hand made with Stag antique bark on , for extra character and slightly aged for that old time charm.

The grips pictured are representative of the grips you will receive. Because these grips are made from natural bone no two will ever be the same shape and color. 

They are made to your order so the fit will be right.

Remember they are natural material and may have some minor imperfections. Character cracks are not uncommon but are perfectly stable

NOTE: For best fit we prefer to have your revolver. 

If you are not comfortable with that, we can work from your original grips. 

In that case you may have some fitting to do, either way the price is the same.

For a Brief history of Jigged Grips CLICK HERE

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