Authentic Old West Ranch Coat

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cowboy Winter coat
Cold weather old west coats kept the men of early America more comfortable. Whether their work kept them in town or out on the ranch, they would wear a well-designed garment to protect them from bad weather. Meticulously crafted to keep out the dust, damp, cold and rain, many different versions of a Ranch Coat were styled to suit the needs of the men who wore them. To wear them today is to buy from a company that specializes in historical Old West wear.

Looking At Post Civil War Ladies Fashions

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Victorian dressesDuring the late 1800s, women took their fashion seriously and for many reasons. For some women, the struggle to get fabrics and other necessities for dressmaking was challenging. For others, being too far from their home country and dress resources made staying in style a difficult task.

A Trip Back In Time With Old Fashion Clothing

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Old Fashion ClothingWhen one puts on old fashion clothing and looks in the mirror, something magical happens. It is like being transported back in time to another era. It is a time of concerts

 in the park and getting together to eat homemade ice cream and fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.  Things are much slower and the pace is less hectic. Yet, it can be difficult to obtain the right materials for this magic. Thankfully, there are specialty shops online that will provide just what you need.

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