Kennedy Magazine Sporting Rifle 45-60 caliber

Kennedy Magazine Sporting Rifle 45-60 caliber

RJT#5533 -


The Kennedy Magazine Sporting Rifle Known by collectors as the “Whitney-Kennedy”
 The round barrel with open lever combination in 45-60 caliber is rare. Most have the earlier style octagon barrel.
First introduced in 45-60 caliber with an octagon barrel and open lever, the Winchester style closed loop lever was introduced later.
Barrel length in 45-60 is 28”, not 24”.
 45-60 introduced in January 1883.
Special lot of 400 in 45-60, with separate serial numbers are known, and this is # 207 from this lot. Serial number from receiver and lever match.
March 1883, the “Kennedy” stamp on the barrel is dropped from the barrel mark. All rifles after that date are marked “Whitney Kennedy”.

Conclusion: All of the parts and markings point to the limited 1-400 series, manufactured between January-March 1883. This is one of the early 1883 models with odd numbers.
This is a very rare rifle, in an even rarer version, The bore is in rough condition, which will affect the final price.
 49 rounds of 45-60 ammo $47.50 (I shot one round through it!) 1880 Winchester hand loading tool in the same 45-60 caliber, $150.00
Delivery 3 - 6 business days to USA 48. Outside may take longer.

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