Victorian Coat
Here are just a few examples of our Victorian period clothing put together to create unique outfits. They illustrate some of the ways you may combine our Victorian dresses and other old fashion clothing and accessories to really showcase your character and personality.
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Late Victorian or Edwardian Ladies Outfit by Frontier Classics
You will conjure visions of the Late 1890s into the Turn of the Centry with this Jacket and Skirt outfit.
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.
Clara Outfit by Frontier Classics
Beautiful Ruffled and lacey outfit, the Clara is 100% Cotton made by Frontier Classics
Delivery of item will be in 10 business days.
Outfits - Dance Hall Dolly Outfit
Tickle 'yer cowboy's fancy wearing this sophisticated yet racy dance hall outfit.
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Outfits - Can-Can Beauty Outfit
Paris' Moulin Rouge offers noth'un better or classier than our own spirited Can-Can Beauty.
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