Large Tin Coffee Pot
Large Tin Coffee Pot
5 Quart Tin Coffee Pot for your Cowboy Camp or Chuckwagon.

Large Tin Coffee Pot

RJT#5385 -


ntage Gray Enamel One and a half Gallon Coffee Pot
A Large-sized tin wear coffee pot. Newly manufactured, stands about 12 inches tall overall with a
8 inch base. A shinny new coffee pot. The lid fits perfectly.

The best cowboy coffee, in my mind, comes out of an tin pot. Once the campfire is going, fill the pot with cold water and, when it boils, dump in the coffee. (The only way to know how MUCH coffee is to work at it. Your comfort zone may range from 3/4 cup per quart of water to twice that.). Let it cook for a minute -- no longer! -- and set the pot in a protected spot to steep for 5 minutes. A soft, sandy soil works well as an insulator here, and it is a good idea to cover it with a small towel.

This is a vintage a vintage style coffee pot with a 12 inch long bale handle. This pot is the type that was used for outside camping or on the trail. The finial top is a wooden knob and the lid is tin. The bale is heavy wire, notice the attached piece on the back which is to grip and pour. No camp or chuckwagon is complete without a good coffee pot. Ours is a copy of an authentic 19th century design, complete with a handle on back and a wire bail with insulated wooden grip to facilitate pouring. The bail also allows the pot to hang from an S-hook over the fire, while small holes inside the pouring spout filter the coffee grounds. Great for heating water to wash dishes or bathe.
Makes 20 cups. 11" high with an 8 1/2" diameter base.
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

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