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*********** Old West Resources **************

The Wheelmen - Dedicated To The Enjoyment And Preservation Of Our Bicycling Heritage

Minnesota Territorial Pioneers - The organization seeks to preserve pioneer heritage and encourage the study of Minnesota's history through organizational activities and community outreach.

The Gunfighter Zone - an extesive list of links to Fast Draw, Movie, Western arts and Literature. - will explore the "Wild West" to bring you updates on cowboy events and stories from the trail.

************ Reenactment and Shoot Out Groups ************

The Reenactment Guild of America - An organization of Living Historians, Educators, Entertainer and Reenactors dedicated to preservation of the History of Americas 19th century, primarily but not restricted to the American Old West.

American Frontier Reenactment Guild - The Premiere Sanctioning Body Of American History Presentation 1800-1915

Shadows of the Past, Inc. - ( CA ) Primarily a living history reenactment group for the purpose of educating the public about the periods of history from 1800 to 1890. SOTP spends much of it's energy in the "western frontier," (1875-1888).

The Cannon Old West Society ( MN ) offers reenactments of old west activities performed by persons dressed in authentic period clothing (1865 - 1899)

The Redditch Westerners ( UK ) is one of the largest Western Clubs in the Midlands,( United Kingdom ) although we were only founded in 1998. Born through the lack of good quality clubs and associations available for westerners in our region to join, the Redditch Westerners got off to a good start and with a rapidly swelling membership, were soon organizing Country Music evenings and Camp Out Weekends.

The Smoke Wagon ( UK ) The Smokewagon is a Belgian and United Kingdom based Western Club.

The Gun Fighters ( CA ) - Oldwest Re-enactments and Historical Displays

Gun Fighters for hire ( CA ) -  Authentic old west re-enactors, perform FREE comedy skits, of old-west historical re-enactments.

The Wyoming Wild Bunch ( UK ) This unique form of outdoor entertainment will make your event go with a "bang" . It is living history in your own backyard!

Outlaw Willie Gunfighters ( AZ ) The Gunfighters perform shoot-outs daily at High Noon and 2:15 PM MST in Oatman, Arizona on Historical Route 66

The Goldfield Gunfighters ( AZ ) The Goldfield Gunfighters perform at Goldfield Ghost Town

Foothill Vigilantes ( CA ) Wild West Theatre Team is a full western entertainment theatre troup that will perform and entertain you at your next event.

Guns of the Golden West ( Canada ) Oldwest Re-enactments and Old west shoot outs.

********** Cowboy Action Shooting *************

The Single Action Shooting Society¨ - SASS is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action ShootingTM. SASS¨ endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of TRAIL¨, The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches, and seeks to protect its members' 2nd Amendment rights. SASS¨ members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

The National Congress of Old West Shootists - NCOWS was established to promote the sport of Western Action Shooting and to preserve the heritage of the Old West, 1866-1899. To this end, our organizational goals are: To conduct and/or sponsor family-oriented Western Action Shoots and other activities appropriate to the Old West on national, regional, and local levels. To encourage a high level of historical authenticity in weapons, clothing, and accouterments while participating in NCOWS-sponsored activities.

Cas City - was founded in is 1996, by the SASS Regulator Marshal Halloway (he received his badge in '97). Since then, the marshal has gained a whole heap of territory to take care of and the Citizen Committee has done the best to get this little border town both quiet, but at the same time full of life. Just to let y'all know a little something about the action goin' on,

Cowboy Fast Draw Association - Cowboy Fast Draw L.L.C. is the newest and oldest shooting sport today. It is a timed sport using single action .45 caliber western style six shooters.

North Alabama Regulators - ( AL ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

The Cowboys - ( CA ) Cowboy action shooting club.

Panorama Sportsmans Club - ( CA ) Cowboy action shooting & Classic Trap Shooting.

The Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs - ( CO ) The purpose of BOLD is simply to recognize the cowboy shooters who have served their communities as sworn law enforcement officers.

The Capital City Cowboys - ( KS ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

Wolverine Rangers - ( MI ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

Shortgrass Rangers - ( OK ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

The Cedar Valley Vigilantes - ( MN ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

The Gunpowder Creek Regulators - ( NC ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

Texas Historical Shootist Society - ( TX ) Cowboy Action Shooting Club.

Captain Baylor's Ranger Camp - ( TX ) a Cowboy Action Shooting* website

Comanche Valley Vigilantes - ( TX ) SASS Cowboy Action Shooting Club.

Renton United Cowboy Action Shooters - ( WA ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,

The Cheyenne Regulators - ( WY ) SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club,


********** Guest Ranches & Lodgings *************

Irma Hotel ( WY ) Step back in timeÉ into the old west of today, at the Irma Hotel,

******** Guns and Amunition *********

 Providence Tool Company, LLC. ™   We have re-opened the doors of Providence Tool Company™, in Plymouth, WI and are currently producing the Pattern #21 Patent Receiver Sight™ using some of Lyman's™ Patent Design, and Peabody's Patent Breech Loading Single Shot Rifle.


************ Events **************

Reenactor Fest ( PA ) a convention for people interested in military history, as well as historical reenactors of all time periods, spanning from the days of the Roman Empire through Vietnam. It is completely unique in this regard... a celebration of the hobby of historical reenacting as a whole.


********Travel , Historic Sites & Old West Towns *******

Rawhide ( AZ ) -Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse of Wild Horse Pass as Best Western Experience of Arizona.

Old Tucson Studios ( AZ ) Old Tucson Studios features film and television shoots throughout the year and daily Wild West entertainment.

Wild West Junction ( AZ ) The Old West is brought to life at the Wild West Junction, with special events, historical re-enactments, food and fun.

Bodie... ( CA ) Bodie... A town frozen in time. An original ghost town from the late 1800's. Bodie stands today in a state of "arrested decay".

Calico ( CA ) Calico was developed in 1881 during the largest silver strike in California.

Legends of America - Travel, History, Old West, Route 66, Ghost Towns, Treasure Tales & More!

Donley's Wild West Town ( IL ) The excitement and charm of the Old West come alive at Donley's Wild West Town in Union, Illinois.

The Whitehorseranch ( CA ) A Gathering Spot for Old West Enthusiasts - Movie Set - Prop Rentals - Authenthic Reenactors

1880 Town - ( SD ) - more than 30 buildings furnished with thousands of relics and many props that were used in filming the movie "Dances with Wolves".

Watsons Wildwest Museum - ( WI ) Dinner Theater and Western Museum. pannin' for GOLD and Guided Tour with Entertainment by a Cowboy Character,

Old Trail Town - ( WY ) Gateway to Yellowstone Park's East entrance. Cody is in the heart of the "American West."

Gammons Gulch - ( AZ ) Movie Set. Old Western Town which is a mix the 1880's to the 1930's.

Great American Adventures - Historic tours and cruises - Wild West Adventures -Victorian era tours - Western horseback rides


****** Equestrian, Tack, & Wagons *****

Bar E Ranch - Wagons and wagon supplies and much much more

Geno D'Ambrose - ( AZ ) Custom Saddles


****** Misc. Old west Links *****

Panther Primitives - The Best Tents in History

Hannah Steedman - ( UK ) Pantings and comission artwork

Lonesome Ron - ( MN ) Cowboy Singing , Folk Songs, Stories, Yodeling

If you have a Historical Club, Reenactment Group or Old West Shooting Organization. You would like us to link to. Just let us know.  E-mail [email protected]

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