Manners and Morals of Victorian America
Manners and Morals of Victorian America
You will love Manners and Morals of Victorian America. Get a glimps of how your forfathers looked at the world by looking at the etiquette and morals they lived there lives by. - Click to Enlarge Image

Manners and Morals of Victorian America

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If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll love this book. Manners & Morals of Victorian America is a highly entertaining and funny book about the fashionable world of yesteryear. Drawing on the wealth of late 19th and early 20th century etiquette books, it has almost 500 historic illustrations. The book details virtually every aspect of Victorian life, including the proper conduct for courtship and wooing, spinsterhood, duties of husbands and wives, how to deal with a rejected suitor, manners while a passenger on coaches, carriages, motor cars, steamships and street cars, woman suffrage, and much more! 7"x 10", 180 pages.
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