Outfits - Can-Can Beauty Outfit
Outfits - Can-Can Beauty Outfit
The Dance Hall girl was a mainstay in Saloons, but the Can Can Girl was a rare treat, and favored by all the Cowboys - Click to Enlarge Image

Outfits - Can-Can Beauty Outfit

RJT#1811 -


Paris' Moulin Rouge offers noth'un classier than our own spirited Can-Can Beauty.  Also great for Dance Hall entertainers and Saloon Gals.  Two layers of stiff ruffles give the petticoat a great kick ~ wear two petticoats for extra layers and sassy fullness.  The perfect outfit for any lady wishing to make men's heads turn.

Order just one piece or the entire outfit ~ be sure to mix and match your outfit's colors with River Junction's seamstress-made sleeveless shift (worn under your corset) and USA-made feathered evening headdress and corset.

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* Petticoat *Click Here*
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Jewelry - Hand-carved Bone ~ Victorian Rose Brooch Pin
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.
Flimsies - Solid Petticoat - Heirloom Brand
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

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