Outfits - Trooper Outfit
Outfits - Trooper Outfit
Need a Trooper Outfit? Let us help you with that. We can help put together the perfect Old West Military Trooper outfit. - Click to Enlarge Image

Outfits - Trooper Outfit

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An enlisted cavalry man, the trooper was an invaluable asset to the American military.  Many of the early Saturday matinees romanticized military life as portrayed by Western movie icons such as John Wayne and John Ford. Get an authentic feel for life in the Old West and as an Enlisted man.

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Shirt - Bib Front Old West Shirt Cotton Twill Heirloom Brand
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.
Blank firing revolver - 9mm - nickel
Item should ship in 10 business days.
Holster Scabbard Cowboy Saddle Rifle Scabbard
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

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