Old West Racy Knee Hose
Old West Racy Knee Hose
In a variety of solid and stripe combinations, these Cotton Racy Knee Hose are perfect for any Old West Lady or Saloon Gal. Made of Cotton with a bit of Elastic woven in the top to hold them up - Click to Enlarge Image

Old West Racy Knee Hose

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These Old West cotton stockings are 100% cotton and available in multi-colored Stripes or Solids.  Solid black, white, red, navy.  Striped, maybe in green with white, black with red, black with wine stripes. A small amount of elastic at the top helps hold them up and they are worn over the knee.  Check our color options as they may vary from time to time.  Any Victorian or Old West lady or racy saloon gal would love to have these options.

Choose Options Here

Green Solid
Red Solid
Navy Solid
White Solid
Black w/Yellow stripe
Black w/Red stripe
Black w/Wine stripe
Red w/White Stripes
Red w/Yellow Stripes
Navy w/White Stripes
Olive w/White Stripe
Black w/Blue Stripes
Black w/Rust Stripes
Black w/Olive Green
Black w/Purple
Black w/Light Green
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Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.
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