Schofield Custom Elk Horn with Bark Grips
Schofield Custom Elk Horn with Bark Grips
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Schofield Custom Elk Horn with Bark Grips

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Here is an example of our custom made and hand fit ELK HORN GRIPS WITH BARK ON.  They are  natural ELK HORN, and crafted with all the character of the early bunkhouse cowboy crafter that wanted to have something different. These grips are made of very dense hard horn and will mellow over time. They come with the escutcheons and screws installed. They have a shallow hole to match up with your grip locator pin on the inside of your grip frame. Most will have some variants of color.  Under close examination you will see the natural grain.  Remember they are natural material and may have some minor imperfections. They are not as dense as ivory and can have noticeable porous areas.

NOTE: For best fit we prefer to have your revolver.
If you are not comfortable with that, we can work from your original grips.
In that case you may nave some fitting to do, either way the price is the same.

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