Tapestry Bag
Tapestry Bag
Victorian inspired Tapestry Bag.

Tapestry Bag

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The Carpet bag was inexpensive personal baggage light enough for a passenger to carry, as opposed to a large wooden or metal trunk, which required the assistance of porters. Described in 1886 as old-fashioned and reliable, "still unsurpassed by any, where rough wear is the principal thing. Such a bag, if constructed of good Materials and unquestionable workmanship, will last decades." Its use implied self-sufficiency. A good reference to such a bag was made in the Jules Verne 1873 novel "Around the World in Eighty Days", in which the characters of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout bring only this kind bag as luggage.
Now you can harken back to the time when Carpet-Baggers roamed freely, carrying their belongings in such bags, and Ladies traveled the rail lines and Stage coaches carrying their items in similar luggage.
The Tapestry bag is reminiscent of those bags with ornate patterns and rich earthy colors inspired by antique fabrics and patterns used in the 1800s. This bag is a roomy travel bag with ample room for all of your travel needs. 
Featuring 3 interior pockets, a vintage inspired clasp, and genuine leather straps. Five feet allow you to set this bag down and not worry about it tipping. The outer shell is made of a Cotton and Jute blend. Bag is fully lined. For cleaning it is recommended to Dry Clean.
Measurements are 20 3/4" long by 6" wide by 11"tall
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