z Sold Rare Indian War amputation knife.
z Sold Rare Indian War amputation knife.
Indian Wars Era Amputation Knife

z Sold Rare Indian War amputation knife.

RJT#6417 -


This saw knife is marked “CAST STEEL” and I can find no other markings. It has not been cleaned. A cleaning may reveal a maker. I would just as soon leave the patina on it. The handle appears to be red wood. Originally produced as a kitchen tool this saw knife is in Civil War/Indian War collectors books as an amputation saw. It was very common to have these saws pressed into service during the civil war and later Indian wars. They were made as a space saving combination tool for kitchens of the ever expanding western markets as well. They were produced after the civil war but this one should date to the Indian wars as it has the later split nuts in the handles as were in use at that time. This saw/knife has a knife blade on one edge and the saw blade on the other. The blade is straight with the knife edge still sharp and the saw teeth have been sharpened. If you take a steel you could freshen the knife edge for use.
An interesting and Rare knife/saw. An original circa 1870 Indian War Surgeon’s field knife used for quick amputations on the battlefield.  The piece measures 18 inches in length and has a thick rosewood handle that is comfortable for gripping whether using the saw blade or knife blade. The long thin sawtooth blade is made for easy cutting through flesh, muscle, and bone. This is truly a unique American Indian Wars collector’s piece. We have priced it at $399.95. It is in very good condition. A bargain due to the fact that others commonly sell for $600.00 and up. All other pictured items are not included.

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