TV Western Stars 7 Autographs
TV Western Stars  7 Autographs
On the back of this Number 1 River Junction Trade Catalog you will find 7 Autographs of Famous TV Western Stars - Click to Enlarge

TV Western Stars 7 Autographs

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In the early 1980s I worked with these and other western TV stars in Dallas, Texas on a made for TV special called "The American Cowboy." I was the costumer for all of these actors and more. I obtained these signatures personally. They are presented here on the back cover of my personal catalog.

Ken Curtis is best known for his role as Festus, the scruffy, cantankerous, functionally illiterate deputy in "GUNSMOKE". While Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) had a total of five deputies over two decades, Festus held the badge the longest (eleven years),

Johnny Crawford was nominated for an Emmy Award at the age of thirteen for his role as Mark McCain, the son of Lucas McCain, played by Chuck Connors, in the Four Star Television series "THE RIFLEMAN," which originally aired from 1958 to 1963 on ABC.

Leo Gordon, big, burly, character actor, one of the toughest of screen heavies, Leo Gordon's powerful physique, combined with his deep, menacing voice, was guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest screen hero.

Jock Mahoney always did his own stunts on the 1958 TV series, CBS's "YANCY DERRINGER" with X Brands, as his faithful Indian companion Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah. The show was not your regular style western and came off a little bit too sophisticated, and was dropped after 38 episodes.

Chuck Connors Stared in "THE BIG COUNTRY" in 1958. He became well-known in the television western series "THE RIFLEMAN", which ran from 1958 to 1963. He starred as Lucas McCain, a New Mexico homesteader bringing up a son by himself.

Jerry Potter has a versatile and interesting career in film, television, and commercials. His athletic ability has enabled him to do almost all his own stunts, this includes everything from racing camels to wrestling an orangutan. He has co-starred in films such as: "MISERY", "THE QUICK AND THE DEAD" (TV-1987), "RED RIVER" (TV-1988), and "THE ALAMO - THIRTEEN DAYS TO GLORY" (TV-1987).

 Clint Walker was cast by Warner Bros. in 1955 in "CHEYENNE", which aired on the ABC network during its original run, beginning with the September 1955 telecast. Until the show's end in 1962, it was rarely aired week-to-week. The show was a part of a series entitled Warner Bros. Presents, the studio's first experiment with television that included the shows "CONFLICT", "SUGARFOOT" and later, "BRONCO."

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