Bandana - Cotton Triangle Bandanas in Patterns and Calicos
Bandana - Cotton Triangle Bandanas in Patterns and Calicos
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Bandana - Cotton Triangle Bandanas in Patterns and Calicos

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This multi-purpose big 33" x 33" x 46" cotton bandana was an absolute necessity for any cowboy. Do not be caught without your cowboy wild rag at your next SASS shoot or shoot out.
Made of 100% cotton right here in McGregor, Iowa.
We have picked sturdy materials that meet the needs of the times for personal protection.

It comes in an assortment of checks and calico prints, which may vary from time to time as our fabrics come and go.
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In the old west the cowboy believed that Levis or any denim pants were worn by people who worked in the ground or on the ground. (Miners and Sodbusters)
and as such, was a garment that was beneath a cowboy because he was better than that, as he was mounted. The red or blue paisley bandana of today was there, but was
viewed by the cowboy in the same way as he viewed denim pants. The bandanas that cowboys wore were generally about 27" by 27" or bigger and made of
a sheer long fibered cotton and were imported from India and had almost the look and feel of silk, but often time they were no more than a yard of cotton calico material from the general store.

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Cowboy  Riding Roping Wrist Cuffs  Border Stamped
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