z Sold ~ Beads- Dentalium Shells
z Sold ~ Beads- Dentalium Shells
Small white Tusk Shells come in a pack of 11 plus 2 partials. - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold ~ Beads- Dentalium Shells

RJT#4896 -


Once seen as items of prestige and Wealth, even used as currency by Native American and Canadian Indian Tribes, the Dentalium Shell was also called Tooth or Tusk Shells.
Used to adorn headpieces, dresses, and jewelry even the Nasal Septum of very Elite Indian Women in some tribes. It was most common on the West Coast from Baja to Alaska and found its way to the Great Plains through trade.
Now you can have these great shells for your craft projects. Whether for a coat, dress,  or even a bag or if you are a reenactor a Indian style headdress, you will flaunt your wealth with these beads adorning your project.

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