z Sold Excellent hand tooled Heiser gunbelt.
z Sold Excellent hand tooled Heiser gunbelt.
Excellent hand tooled Heiser gunbelt - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Excellent hand tooled Heiser gunbelt.

RJT#5789 -


 A vintage hand tooled leather belt made by HH Heiser, Denver Colorado. It is marked as such on the inside with the bar and oval Heiser cartouche. H. H. Heiser Denver Colo. Trademark "Triple "HHH" in Oval and Bar " makers mark, which dates this holster from 1910.  The belt is all thick russet leather, very sturdy, but also still in good shape and easy to bend, not stiff. It is 2 1/2" wide; it is 40" from the center hole to the buckle latch and is marked 40 for the size and the number 16 part number. There is an additional 2 holes which are 1" apart and then another 3" of the belt at the end. The belt will give a lifetime of wear yet, if cared for. The hand tooling is really great on this piece; lots of carvings and neat designs. Has a fantastic Western look to it.

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