z Sold Fancy Hat Stands
z Sold Fancy Hat Stands
Lovely Victorian style Hat stands to purch your hats on, big brim or small.

z Sold Fancy Hat Stands

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Lovely Victorian inspired Hat stands. Each is unique in there own ways.  Perfect for keeping your hats on display or at the ready for your big event. 

#1 The Small Blue stand is a Porcelain with blue designs.  It has a blue covered Padding encircled with Navy Feathers and beads. It stands 17 inches tall. 
Price $29.95

#2 Is a Medium Stand done in Porcelain with blue designs.  The padded top is covered with blue and surrounded by Navy Feathers and beads. Stand is 19 inches tall 
Price $32.95

#3 Porcelain with blue designs like the first two but this one is 22 inches tall. The Padded top is covered in blue and has navy feathers and beads. 
Price $34.95

#5 Resplendent in Gold and Red with beautiful Flowers painted on front and back, this stand is 24.5 inches and is topped with a green violet cover with black feathers and beads. 
Price $39.95

#6 Similar to #5 this one is topped with brown velvet and brown feathers with beads.
Price $39.95

#7 A lovely Molded Resin, this stand has the looks of a sculpture with leaves popping out and finished in black with antiquing. Stand is 24 inches tall and topped with black velvet cover and feathers and clear beads.
Price $29.95

#8 This lovely stand is reminiscent of the Ancient Greek art styles. With a pillar like middle painted black with lovely floral design, this stand is topped with green velvet and black feathers. Stand is 24 inches tall
Price $44.95

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