7 boxes of 50 Fiocchi 8mm Blank Ammo
7 boxes of 50 Fiocchi 8mm Blank Ammo
Fiocchi 8 mm Blanks 7 boxes with 50 rounds each

7 boxes of 50 Fiocchi 8mm Blank Ammo

RJT#6222 -


Fiocchi 8mm Blank Ammo

Fiocchi offers a line of specialty blank cartridges which are frequently used by military re-enactors or during ceremonies or even for training exercises and theatrical productions. Blank ammunition provides the report and realism of conventional ammunition without the projectile. Fiocchi blanks are also the most popular and successful loads on the U.S. market for use in conjunction with hunting dog training and competition. All Fiocchi blanks are manufactured using brass cases. Most rimmed cases now incorporate crimped primers for greater reliability when used in revolvers.

Specifications and Features:
Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Pistol/Revolver Blanks 8MMBLANK
8mm Pistol
Blank Non-Firing Load
No Projectile
Brass Cases
Crimped Primers
Uses: Military Re-enactors, Ceremonies, Training Exercises, or Theatrical Productions

50 rounds per box.

Ammo Price is for 7 boxes.

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