z Sold Handmade Primitive Adze
z Sold Handmade Primitive Adze
Hand made Primitive Adzei or Carvers adze

z Sold Handmade Primitive Adze

RJT#6208 -


Handmade Primitive Adze: This is an amazing primitive hatchet or carvers adze, handcrafted of all natural materials. Has a wooden handle made of fire hardened wood, that is strong and dense. The blade is made of sharp and solid hand forged carbon steel. A fantastic piece. Perfect for use in building a dugout canoe and would also double as a deadly primitive weapon. Well crafted. Great patina. .View from the front shows a crack on head, but not all the way through. 
When you look at the top you can see where the tool was struck with something to add force for a good bite.

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