Duster -Outlaw Duster Coat - Canvas - Heritage Brand 2XL Dark Tan
Duster -Outlaw Duster Coat - Canvas - Heritage Brand 2XL Dark Tan
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Duster -Outlaw Duster Coat - Canvas - Heritage Brand 2XL Dark Tan

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 Our Outlaw Duster - 100% cotton / 10 oz. canvas.
Size 2X-Large in a Dark Tan Color

This duster was worn by cattle buyers, rangers, lawmen, outlaws and the like. Just about anyone who might be traveling on the open range for long distances by stagecoach or horse back. It was meant to keep the dust off your clothing. It could also hide a revolver or shotgun under its length.

Cut to 58 inches in length, River Junction's duster rests about mid-calf on a man of average height. It can be created with a cantle pleat to cover the back of your saddle which will keep dust from getting on the seat of your pants.

Sometimes called a range coat, this garment came into existence prior to the Civil War. Split backside tail to the waist allows for easy mounting when horseback riding. Features two large waist pockets with easy to grasp (even glove handed) black buttons.

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Holster Scabbard Cowboy Saddle Rifle Scabbard
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Non- firing replica rifle - Henry  - brass finish receiver
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Improved Texas Shoulder Holster for 4.75 - 5.5 in Barrels
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