Non Firing Just like the Duke's 1873 Colt.
Non Firing Just like the Duke's  1873 Colt.
The "Duke Rig" As worn in the "Shootist" - Click to Enlarge Image

Non Firing Just like the Duke's 1873 Colt.

RJT#5988 -


This NON-FIRING collectors gun is a copy of the 1873 Colt "Frontier Six Shooter" with a 4 3/4 inch barrel. The old originals were anointed with many monikers. They were called: Thumb-Busters, Hogleg, Smoke Wagon, Black Eye Susan, Peacemaker and on and on! My Colt "Frontier Six Shooter" shown here with the non firing collectors gun, weighs 2.30 lbs. the heavy metal alloy, copy weighs 2.05 lbs, that's close. The dimensions though are almost exact, as shown by the photos here. The weight gives this copy the feel of the real deal and is perfect for practicing your draw and fancy spinning and such. This copy is finished as if it has had all the old blue worn off, making it look much like the well worn Colt that Duke packed on the big screen. The hammer can be move to half cock allowing the cylinder to turn, you can then open the loading gate and load the chambers with the cartridges. Close the gate, bring the hammer to full cock, pull the trigger and the hammer falls. My "6  shooter", the holster and belt and the other items shown are not included in this purchase, only the collectors gun copy.
Delivery 3 - 6 business days to USA 48. Outside may take longer.

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