z Sold ~ Pike or Lance Head
z Sold ~  Pike or Lance Head
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z Sold ~ Pike or Lance Head

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This Pike is 17 inches long overall, blade area is 9 inches long and 2 5/8 inches at its widest point. Relic condition, very solid and stable, both sides of blade have a ridge running full length at center of blade. It has a socket for the shaft. Could have been used in Mexican, Revolutionary or Civil War. Good solid piece. Would you call it a lance, pike or a spear? Edges have been very sharp at one time. The lance was the favorite weapon of the presidential soldiers on the northern frontiers of New Spain. The use of the lance was so thoroughly ingrained into the population of this region that even as late as the Mexican War the lancers were some of the most effective troops in the service of Mexico. Most of the extant lance blades which have been found throughout the Southwest and northern Mexico appear to be products of local smiths. There is an almost endless variety in the shapes and sizes used. Despite the apparent lack of uniformity the lance was a regulation weapon of the frontier troopers. This point shows minor Pitting and rust. This weapon still has hammer marks. What a great and unusual addition to your early Mexican outfit, with the added plus of being an original collectible.

I got this piece 32 years ago at a flea market in Prairie du Chien Wi. The couple I bought this from told me they lived in Mexico in the winter. They traveled in an old school bus from flea market to flea market during the summer and fall. I have no paper on it. They just told me that they got it in Mexico. So in reality your guess is as good as mine. As you can see I am not pricing it as if I have iron clad provenance. Jim

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