Small Brass or Gold Tone Buckles
Small Brass or Gold Tone Buckles
Small Brass or Gold Tone Buckles

Small Brass or Gold Tone Buckles

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Perfect for the Historical Crafter, Enhancing Your DIY Projects with Unique Brass or Gold Tone Buckle Embellishments

These brass or gold tone buckles are both small and sturdy, measuring 3/4 inch in size. Their reliability ensures a secure closure for your creations, guaranteeing the safety of your belongings. Additionally, these buckles serve decorative purposes and can be used to add a touch of vintage style to clothing or jewelry. 
Our elegant buckles are perfect for a 3/8 inch strap width, a commonly found size in crafting supplies. Whether you're attaching a fabric strap to a bag or designing a unique watch fob, these buckles will securely hold the strap in place.
Packaged in sets of six, these buckles offer excellent value for your money. You'll have enough buckles to complete multiple projects, with some extras remaining for future endeavors.  These buckles are a must-have for historical crafters or anyone desiring to infuse their crafts with a vintage aesthetic.
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