19th Century Valise or Portmanteau
19th Century Valise or Portmanteau
19th Century Valise or Portmanteau - Click to Enlarge Image

19th Century Valise or Portmanteau

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This type of leather bag was one of the most common kinds of hand luggage carried in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Clothing was never folded, but rolled instead and placed in these bags for travel. Packed for stagecoach or train travel, or strapped behind a saddle, they were made in a variety of sizes. This one measures 19" X 8" X 9". This bag appears to be a one of a kind, likely made to order.  This Valise, is unlined to save weight. Custom made bags like these can run, $500.00 to $1200.00.  This Valise is handmade of traditional vegetable-tanned Bridle and Saddle leather and is fully alive. Made with traditional leather working tools, this bag should provide a century of service. It has aged to a mellow russet and shows the natural patina age. There are three buckles on the front that are double sewn on. I wish I knew something of the history of this bag, but I do not. Every gentleman or lady needs a case or bag for carrying clothing and other necessities when traveling and this will do the job. Great for any display or Civil War or Victorian re-enactor.

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