Vest Pocket Sweethearts
Vest Pocket Sweethearts
Set 1 Five lovely beauties in different costumes - Click to Enlarge Image

Vest Pocket Sweethearts

RJT#945 -


These Lovelies were sometimes given away with tobacco.  River Junction's are recreated on card stock and it is difficult to distinguish them from the original.

Comes in 3 different series of 5 photos each.  Cards are approximately 2" by 4".  Choose from Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 ~ or take all 3 sets for a variety of our Lovelies to have with you in your vest pocket at all times.

Lone Ranger Movie

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Set_1 - Vest Pocket Sweethearts
Set_2 - Vest Pocket Sweethearts
Set_3 - Vest Pocket Sweethearts
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