z Sold Vintage trade goods."Copper boiler with fry pan lid.
z Sold Vintage trade goods."Copper boiler with fry pan lid.
Vintage trade goods."Copper boiler" with fry pan lid - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Vintage trade goods."Copper boiler with fry pan lid.

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Copper boiler with fry pan lid. You can see one similar in the Museum of the Fur Trade at Chadron, Nebraska. This unique copper boiler style dates from ca. 1760 forward. A handy feature is the iron socket handle on the lid which permits it to be used as a skillet. There's a ring on the lid for lifting and an iron bail for hanging. Handmade construction with overlapping flap seams, (see photos) of heavy gauge copper with a tin lining. 6-1/4" H x 6" dia. Hudson Bay Company, offered  such copper kettles and pots as regular trade items in their goods.  The detail is very nice, dovetail flap seams on the bottom and side, rivets holding the attachments for the handle and top loop.  The edges are rolled. It is a very heavy pot, copper on the outside with tin on the inside.  These pots were made in different sizes. I have not cleaned this pot, those are not dents on the top, just a change in color. Just right for a one-man in the woods. Although this pot is not documented, it was created using only 18th century techniques and design elements. It has a heavy copper body and lid, both of which are tin lined. The pot has a sturdy bail. The lid has a ring. Materials: copper and tin. "Covered copper kettles were first developed by the French; the Hudson's Bay Company began selling them in 1779 and continued selling them until after World War I".  MUSEUM OF FUR TRADE

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