z Sold DOGS HEAD Folk Art Cane
z Sold DOGS HEAD Folk Art Cane
DOGS HEAD Folk Art Cane - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold DOGS HEAD Folk Art Cane

RJT#5611 -


Unique Folk Art Cane. Nice hand carved primitive cane. It is 38in. long and the shaft with a very dark stain on it. The top of the shaft is a carved dogs head with eyes, bulldog jowls and all.  It has no cracks that I can see. It is sturdy and in good condition and has years of use in it. This is the type of item that lends great authenticity to your re-enactor persona. It displays well. This piece was made without a ferrule, and I suggest you put a rubber tip on it if you intend it to be used to steady yourself. Others may choose to carrying it for protection while walking in some lawless town or on your way to some den of  iniquity down a back alley. 

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