z Sold Early Miners Sticking Tommy Candle holder
z Sold Early Miners Sticking Tommy Candle holder
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z Sold Early Miners Sticking Tommy Candle holder

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Gold Miners candle holder. Commonly called a sticking tommy. It has a hook to go over a timber in the mine. The point could be stuck into a timber or a crevice in the rock. Nice hard to find mine item. This is a very nice blacksmith made Sticking Tommy from the 18th century and during or shortly after the 1849 California Gold Rush. It is the type used by hard rock miners in the West before lantern technology advanced for mine use. This Tommy is approximately 11 inches long and about 3 3/4 inches high. It is the type that was stuck into the miner's soft hat and then into shoring timbers when at the work site.  You'd be ready to load your 16 tons... whew, I get tired, not to mention claustrophobic, just thinking about it.Notice on the bottom view of the candle cup how the stock was tapered into a thinner sheet to form the cup. The spike has a graceful taper, and the surface is original and untouched. A very nice piece of early iron for a collection.  I think you'll be well pleased, it's a beautifully crafted example of early lighting. The one I am wearing is not the one offer. The other photos are the one you will receive.

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