z Sold ~ Made from Real Carpet ~ Carpet Bag
z Sold ~ Made from Real Carpet ~ Carpet Bag
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z Sold ~ Made from Real Carpet ~ Carpet Bag

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Yes, it is made of carpet. and measures 11 in. by 16 in. by 7 in. with two inside pockets. Impressive, isn't it? Unlike today's wasteful culture, the resourcefulness of people in the old days continues to teach us lessons.
When a carpet needed replacing after high traffic areas became too damaged to repair, the parts of the carpet that were still in good shape were cut up to make the bags. Attached to a sturdy frame, carpet bags could last a lifetime. You can only imagine how difficult sewing these must have been. This one is constructed just like those of old, only of new carpet never walked on. It is not to be confused with the tapestry bags that are being offered elsewhere.

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SOLD - One-of-a-kind Item.

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